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Petite Cakes for 4 (3-4 slices)

300gm Cake size is 11cm in width diameter and 7cm in height packed in a classic white box 15cm length 15cm width and 12.5cm height tied with a ribbon. You can select the cream flavour in between the sponge Chocolate or Vanilla or Strawberry or Yam or Pandan or Coffee or Durian. Alternately, you can bundle cake with flower bouquet in 3 stalks or 6 stalks or 9 stalks roses. You can bundle cake with latex helium balloon lasting 3hours in 3 balloons or 6 balloons or 9 balloons. You can you can bundle cake with Teddy Bear Soft Toy in Mini Size, 5inch height or 7inch height. Now, you send a gift without burning a hole in your pocket. Our 300gm petite cake (3 to 4 persons servings) is perfect for expressing your love and feelings toward the person, it is an ideal gift for a guy you admired or a girl that you loved.

Petite Cakes serving for less than 4 persons. Fancy having a cake but cannot finish it ? Try our Petite cakes, specially selected for less than 4 persons. Send a cake with thoughts it doesn't have to be a big cake to express your feelings for him or her. DO it TODAY with our petite cakes the most affordable way to send cake without buring a hole in your pocket.

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GFP1194-300gm ocean blue cake
GFP1194-300gm ocean blue cake
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