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Balloons aren't just balloons anymore! We add lots of fun details to our bouquets with entertainment balloons (commonly known as "animal balloons") and other specialty latex balloons, making them fun to send or receive! Not only do they look great,

A balloon bouquet is a cluster of several balloons and makes an excellent addition to weddings, showers, birthday parties or dinner parties. Balloon bouquets can be used as a centerpiece on a table, or may just be placed in various locations around a venue. These bouquets are fairly simple to make and are sure to enhance your next event.
Type of Balloon
Before making a balloon bouquet, you must decide which type of balloon to use. There are two different types of balloons: latex and mylar. Both of these types of balloons are capable of being filled with helium, but mylar balloons can last for days, whereas helium filled latex balloons may only last up to 12 hours, sometimes more if it is a high quality latex. If the balloon bouquet is being made directly before the event, latex is probably fine. But, if the bouquet is being several hours before, then mylar is probably the way to go.
Gathering Materials
To make a balloon bouquet, you must have access to a helium tank. Helium tanks may be rented from some party supply stores. You will also need scissors, ribbon, as many balloons as needed and a weight to serve as a base for the bouquet.
Choosing a Base
Any item that weighs more than 1 lb. may serve as a base for a balloon bouquet. The item can be tied into the theme of the celebration for added fun. For example, if the balloon bouquet is being used at a Christmas party, you may want to use large, heavy ornaments as a base. One base per bouquet will be needed. The bases can even be different from bouquet to bouquet.
Preparing the Balloons
Each bouquet can have as many balloons as you want, but most bouquets look best with between three and five balloons. Each balloon should be filled with helium. After filling a balloon, a long piece of ribbon should be tied to the bottom of the balloon, and then attached to the base. The bottom of each ribbon needs to be attached to the base in the same area, so that the balloons all touch when the bouquet is finished.
If the bouquets are being used as centerpieces for dinner tables, it will be important to make the bouquets tall enough that guests can see and interact with one another. Many hosts of events choose to allow guests to take home balloons as souvenirs. If the amount of time a balloon is going to last is a concern, and mylar balloons are not an option, there is a product called "hi-float," which can lengthen the life of helium in a latex balloon.


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