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About Us

Our Registered Business is GINFLOWERS (Reg No 53115810A) which is our Legal Billing Name

We have three key philosophies: 

Quality – produces quality products that are botanically correct and provide the look and feel of live flowers that last a lifetime. The mix of high quality with the natural beauty of each flower provides a lasting accent to your home and office décor. Our cake uses the finest ingredients to make the perfect design and taste to express your joy and shared our happiness and blessings to whoever who receives it
Customer Service – Customer Service is a philosophy that is continually strived for by us. From product offering to customer support to a site that was designed solely for ease and accessibility, We strive to pamper you, the CUSTOMER

Design – Each cake design / floral arrangement provides a unique, sophisticated accent to any home. Our design studio incorporates the latest trends that highlight the style and beauty of each individual flower. We are committed to continually providing innovative floral arrangements and home accents that compliment the beauty, style, and grace of their customers.

We can be reached through the following channels

PHONE/SMS : +65 9009 6627

EMAIL : sales@ginflowers.com

WHATSAPP : +65 9435 9939