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Franchise Business Opportunity

In the past during the olden days, if one wanted to eat rice dumpling they’d have to wait for the dragon boat festival as these dumplings are mostly handmade for the occasion. But now, even when the dragon boat festival may be long over, you can still find rice dumplings everywhere. Here at the franchise stall, it sells different types of rice dumplings. The marinated minced pork fillings used in their Nonya Rice dumplings are very special, neither oily nor too sweet. They are best eaten when steamed hot and it is also a very convenient food, wrapped neatly in pandan leaves and can be eaten whenever you need it. Perfect for lunch too and it is very filling after consuming one. Today Rice Dumpling produces a diverse range of rice dumplings to cater to its wide variety of loyal customers it has built in the last thirty years. We have over thirty years experience in the making of traditional rice dumpling. We are looking for interested parties to further develop the franchise in the distribution of rice dumplings. For enquiries, please contact