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GF0787-Buffet Menu 10 Dishes for $20.00

GF0787-Buffet Menu 10 Dishes for $20.00
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Price: $600.00
Code: GF0787

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Buffet Menu 10 Dishes for $20.00 (Min.30 Pax) Choose 1 item from each category • We provide complete buffet setting layout (includes disposable cutlery, serviettes, sauce and garbage bags). • Table/Stool Rental Charges: Table with table cloth at $8.00/each and Stool at $0.70/pcs. • Please confirm your order via email/fax at least 5 working days in advance. • As per NEA Guidelines, food must be consume within 4 hours after food is cooked. Category 1 – Main a) Butter Rice with Nuts & Raisins b) Wok Fried Laksa c) Ee Fu Noodles d) Seafood Fried Tung Hoon e) Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf f) Indonesian Fried Noodles Category 2 – Chicken a) Japanese Teriyaki Chicken b) Thai Mango Chicken c) Yakitori Chicken d) Thai Style Green Curry Chicken e) Mongolian Chicken Cube f) Rosemary Chicken g) Tiga Rasa Fried Chicken Category 3 – Fish a) Sambal Fish Wrap in Aluminum Foil b) Dory Fish Fillet with Sliced Orange c) Baked Mango Fish with Salsa d) Steamed Fish with Oriental Sauce e) Wasabi Fish Cutlet f) Portuguese Fried Fish Fillet Category 4 – Vegetable a) Qilin Special Vegetables b) Brocolli with Abalone c) Spinach with Mushroom Special d) French Bean Prawn with Mushroom e) Seafood Beancurd with Brocolli Category 5 – Seafood a) Prawn with Wasabi b) Butter Glazed Prawn c) Seafood Platter d) Deep Fried Salted Egg with Sotong e) Salad Prawn with Mango
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