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GF0786-Buffet Menu 10 Dishes for $18.00

GF0786-Buffet Menu 10 Dishes for $18.00
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Price: $540.00
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Buffet Menu 10 Dishes for $18.00(Min.30 Pax) Choose 1 item from each category • We provide complete buffet setting layout (includes disposable cutlery, serviettes, sauce and garbage bags) • Table/Stool Rental Charges: Table with table cloth at $8.00/each & Stool at $0.70/pcs. • Please confirm your order via email/fax at least 5 working days in advance. • As per NEA Guidelines, food must be consume within 4 hours after food is cooked. Category 1 – Main a) Sin Chew Fried Bee Hoon b) Dried Mee Siam c) Fried Hong Kong Noodles d) Mee Goreng e) Yong Chow Fried Rice f) Thai Pineapple Rice Category 2 – Chicken a) Curry Chicken b) Prawn Paste Chicken c) Thai Style Chicken d) Lemon Chicken e) Baked Honey Sauce Chicken Wing Category 3 – Fish a) Thai Style Fish b) Sweet & Sour Fish c) Szechuan Fish Fillet d) Cereal Fish e) Lemon Fish Category 4 – Vegetable a) Oyster Sauce Baby Kailan b) Nonya Mixed Vegetable c) Luohan Vegetable d) Lontong Mix Vegetable e) Tofu with Brocolli Category 5 – Steam / Bake a) Steam Chicken Siew Mai b) Mini Soon Kueh c) Buttered Hot-Dog d) Mini Char Siew Pao e) Crystal Bun Category 6 – Crispy a) Fish Ball (Fried/Sambal) b) Sotong Ball (Fried/Sambal) c) Ngoh Hiang (Chicken) d) Samosa e) Spring Rolls f) Deep Fried Scallop Category 7 – Kids Favourite a) Egg Fu Yong b) Cheese Tofu c) Salad Youtiao d) Sotong Ring e) Chicken Nugget Category 8 – Dessert a) Honeydew Sago b) Assorted Nonya Kueh c) Sea Coconut d) Almond Jelly Longan e) Cheng Teng Dessert (Hot) Category 9 – Drinks a) Orange Squash b) Barley Drink c) Fruit Punch d) Lime e) Bird Nest Category 10 – Specialty a) Sweet & Sour Prawn b) Sambal Prawn c) Tempura Prawn d) Cereal Prawn e) Sambal Sotong f) Laksa Yong Tau Foo
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